Kaspersky Internet Security - 3PC (Electronic Order)

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Brand: Kaspersky Labs
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Electronic Order

We will email you your Product Key and instructions how to download and install your order. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your product key.

Premium Protection for Your PC

Enjoy Internet to its full potential without worry! Kaspersky Internet Security delivers premium protection for your PC, your privacy, your money and your family – so your ‘digital life’ is protected against online threats, identity theft – and ensure you have an extra layers of security when you’re online banking and shopping.


• Protects your PC against all types of Internet threats
• Defends your privacy from webcam spies, web trackers & more
• Adds security for online banking, shopping & payments
• Helps protect your children against online dangers
• Combines security & efficiency – to help your PC perform
• Lets you manage security from anywhere, via the Web

Protects your PC against malware and Internet-based threats

Kaspersky Lab’s innovative security technologies combining the real-time efficiency of the cloud with powerful multi-level protection on your PC to deliver a faster, more effective response to cybercrime activities and evolving threats before they can cause harm to you or your PC. It also helps you to take notice on the browser configuration changes to be made, including installation of adware, toolbars, & more.

Defends your privacy from webcam spies, web trackers & more
Kaspersky Internet Security delivers proactive anti-phishing technologies which verify that websites are secure and prevent hidden redirects to fake or ‘phishing’ websites trying to steal your confidential data. Plus, it prevents tracking of your web browsing habits and the capture of your personal information. In addition our Webcam Protection hinders hackers from using your PC’s webcam to spy on you and your surroundings.

Secures online banking and shopping activities with our unique Safe Money technologies
Whenever you use your PC to visit banking, shopping or payment websites, Kaspersky Lab’s unique Safe Money technology checks that the website is secure, ensures you’re not being tricked by a fake or fraudulent website and then opens the site in a special, protected mode. Safe Money effectively adds another layer of security for your online financial transactions – to help keep your bank account & credit card numbers and your personal information out of the reach of cybercriminals.

Protects your children against online dangers
Kaspersky Internet Security helps you to defend your children when they go online safeguarding them against sexual predators, block access to inappropriate content & games, manage messaging on social networks and prevent disclosure of personal information.

Combines protection and efficiency – to help your PC perform as it was designed to
Our driving goal is to provide you with the advanced protection without compromising your PC's performance or interrupting from your computing activities. Optimized for maximum PC performance Kaspersky Internet Security works ‘behind the scene’ to check the reputation of all the launched applications, websites, analysing program behaviour, updating its databases, and more to ensure you’re always safe – all without slowing down your PC.

Lets you manage security from anywhere, via the Web
A free My Kaspersky account lets you benefit from easy-access tools that help you manage your security from anywhere. Whenever you’re online, you can check the security and license status of your PC running Kaspersky Lab security software, adjust key security features, and choose which PC is protected. You’ll also benefit from our latest special offers and download free Kaspersky Lab products & services. My Kaspersky also gives you easy access to technical support.

Software Details
License 3 Devices
Subscription 2 Years (with free upgrades to newer editions)
Product Key Card will be emailed or can be picked up in store - No retail disk
Devices Windows PC

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