COVID-19 On-Site Form

So we can best support you during this time whilst ensuring our staffs wellbing, we ask that you complete the following questions prior to an onsite visit from our team.

* Name

* Company

* Email

* Phone

* 1. Have you or anyone based at your site we're planning to visit been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, developed symptoms or been advised to self-isolate by a health professional?

* 2. Has anyone in your office or site returned from overseas or interstate in the past 14 days?

* 3. Is the site that the team member will be attending, being cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis (In Line with Recommended Government Guidelines)

* 4. Do you or any staff have signs of flu-like symptoms?

* 5. I am authorised to answer these questions on behalf of my organsiation and to the best of my knowledge the answers provided are true and correct.


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Sucessfully sent. We will be in contact with you shortly to organise a technician to attend your site.